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Richard first started painting in Watercolours 1995,  he is a mostly self taught watercolourist and has participated in workshops by Robert Wade,  Alvaro Castagnet,  Keiko Tanabe and others.

He enjoys painting the the narrow streets of Provence and Tuscany with their bright sunshine and deep shadows with pavement Cafes. 

Lately painting "creative impressionism" which he finds is fun, interesting in achieving.

Richard decides the focus, selects the mood and these decisions affect his choice of colour, stroke and application, but the end product must be beautiful, if it is, it will allow the viewer into his interpretation, that is his task.

Richard treats painting as a hobby, but finds time to give many workshops and demonstrations for the intermediate student, he has had his work published in "The Best of Worldwide Landscape Artist's" in the USA. 

Richard has won over 60 Art Awards.  his paintings hang in homes and Galleries across the world and most Australian States and Territories, his work has been purchased by Councils to give as gifts to visiting dignitaries.

Contact :- Richard Bristow. 

(08) 9529 4725.   MOB. 0455659673.